“I am coaching a starting entrepreneur who is passionate about his first product, but how can I help him build a company with a promising future beyond the product life cycle of his current invention?” –ENREPRENEUR’S COACH

“I have a talented employee of 33 years old in my team that takes loads of initiative. I do notice that she is looking for freedom for her ideas and competences. But I find it challenging to clarify to her what ideas do and what ideas don’t match our organisation.”




Successful entrepreneurs know that a strong motivation is crucial to create a lasting business. But also more and more organisations discover that entrepreneurial thinking is a powerful way to work more effectively. Being aware of the organisation’s One Shared Mission is crucial. In two hours, every employee discovers the difference they can make with their own actions and competences. And let your organisation excel at your core strengths.



adVENTURE! is a two hour offline team game for 6-60 people and is especially suitable to be played at open days, entrepreneurship courses, team building events etcetera.

adVENTURE! consists of a basic set along with theme sets that allow you (or a professional consultant) to adapt the game to your organisation’s need, such as the creation of a balanced team, personal development and capabilities, collaboration between departments, anchoring of the company’s or region’s mission and values, leadership skills and ‘intrapreneurship’.

adVENTURE! is based on scientific entrepreneurship profiles and provides for a solid basis for follow-up coaching of intra- and entrepreneurs.